SEO – How to set the link for the Google Picture Visit button

I have a website with a lot of pictures that I want to display in Google Image Search. I've submitted a sitemap with each image indexed as shown below. Google displays the Sitemap successfully indexed without errors, with all entries having the status "excluded" (Duplicate without user-selected canonical element).

The For the page loads a javascript slideshow, which I would like to associate with the "visit" button from Google Images. The slideshow Parameter is set to specifies each URL, However, the "below" page of the slideshow is the same for each image on the page (and appears in a separate window) sitemap.xml File).

Is there a way to get the "Visit" button to associate the link displayed in the link Entry? Currently, the "Visit" button in Google Images is associated with the generic version of this page (with No slideshow Parameter).
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