seo – WordPress site impression and clicks is dropping daily

I have a wordpress with 47 unique posts, also adding new posts 2 times in weeks. Unfortunately my impression and clicks are very low which they use to be higher.

I have to mention 2 months ago we were hacked and every page that google crawled was getting redirected to another site which we recovered from that situation but those links are all 404 now (around 3k links) which I made my 404 page to return a 410 header.

After we recovered our impression and clicks were growing but then suddenly they start to fall.
now my impression is never higher than 100 and clicks are around 2 , 3 MAX.

Google and other search engine bots are checking the site, I am asking google to crawl each new post manually and we do have a sitemap too.

for plugins I use yoast seo,wordfence,wp super cache and some irrelevant plugins.
does these plugins effect my seo in any negative way ? where should I start to look ? are we penalized by google ? if so how can I know for sure and how I can fix it ? I’m completely clueless at this point

Thanks for any help