Serialization – Alamofire DataRequestResponse Queue Serializer CompletionHandler

I have fallen on fabric several times and have no idea how to solve it
my request:

var alamofireManager: SessionManager?

func Request (_ call_method: Alamofire.HTTPMethod, URL: URL, Parameters: [String: Any]?, Callback: @escaping (_res: T) -> void ?, header: [String: String]?) {

                NetworkManager.shared.setNetworkManager () // Set timeout and server policies

alamo fire manager?
.request (URL, Method: Call method, Parameter: Parameter, Encoding: URLEncoding (), Header: Header)
.responseObject { [weak self] (Answer: DataResponse) in the
Change answer.Result {
Case .success (leave data):
Callback (data)
case .failure (let error):
print ("Data response failed ...  (error)")