server – How I Replace Android With Ubuntu (or anything less) on my remix mini device

Hello everyone i got a remix mini with 2 gb ram, 16gb internal storage (14.3gb actual size) & its based on arm64 (aarch64) architecture. so im gonna replace this with linux because im gonna convert this machine to a minecraft server so i let players to join 24 hours running server. so i have a question. what was actually a nice tutorial about replacing android with linux on remix mini? so can i? it is possible? i know its possible do not say “impossible” in answer otherwise u r 100% sure about ur solution. i know i tried everything like: linux deploy, userLAnd, anlinux (termux)

my experience of linux deploy:

trash garbage app ever made for android, why i said this? because its originally trash. first i rooted my device and thanks to xda developer which helps me to do it, and then i installed busybox then i checked the kernel version is correct and meets requirements, its (3.19.70) then i started the linux after installation i got error from running vnc: chmod not found. hmmm, what the hell was that? can someone explain it pls? i just commented a question on their github and they said: your kernel is old and it must be 3.2 or u can’t do anything. so i just put the linux deploy from my mind to the trash so i know its the minimum requirements is (3.0) but they said in github its (3.2) ok lets actually take our minds from this garbage out.

my experience of termux (no anlinux):

i successfully installed java from source package then i started the server and all my dreams have been ruined by /tmp permissions error. after that i used the chmod to perform read and write permissions to /tmp directory then i got the same error, even when my /tmp is open. this is BRUH at this moment, u know i don’t have any more things to say…

my experience of working with userLAnd (linux vm)

its goddamn slow and i got used 71% of memory. so who is so stupid to run a 120 players minecraft server with almost 200mb of memory! 😐 . ok yea pretty sure, im not.

my experience of working with anlinux (termux)

same thing as –>userLAnd, over 80% memory usage and yea everyone no way. i give up.

then i made this huge forum maybe i found someone to help me make my dreams true, so can i install a linux distro on remix mini android base device? can someone help me? i mean like (ubuntu touch & etc..) so thank you everyone i hope i will found someone to help me make my dreams become true.