server takes too long to respond


Clients don’t seem to be able to execute links off my server anymore.

For example, I sent my son a link. He tried it and gets the too long to respond message. If he uses a redirection to a resource on the server I purchase from Yahoo, its the same message.

But, sitting at my server, the link I sent my son in the Sent folder works and so does the redirection. My down and up speeds were greater than 40 and 20 MBS respectively.

There is nothing in the error log and no accesses from anyone external is shown. The KeepAliveTimeout Apache httpd.conf parameter is set at 100. No Apache changes have been made and Apache has been rock solid for a long time. I did move from cell phone/hotspot internet connectivity to router/WIFI connectivity (Spectrum) recently.

My son just got another message – ‘The server is online but is not responding to connection attempts’.

Any help will be appreciated on what might be going on or how to troubleshoot.