Set Google Drive/Docs Keyboard Shortcuts to Windows (on Mac OS)

I’m forced to use a Mac computer for my job with a Windows Keyboard, and we use Google Drive Documents/Docs. Unfortunately Google Drive knows I’m using a Mac, so it sets the keyboard shortcuts to use Mac style keys. Example:

Apply 'Normal text' --> ⌘+Option+0 or ⌘+Option+Num-0
Toggle bulleted list --> ⌘+Shift+8

Really need it to be set back to standard non-Mac style keyboard shortcuts.

Does anyone know how to tell Google Docs to just use standard Windows keyboard shortcuts?

Apply normal text style --> Ctrl + Alt + 0
Bulleted list --> Ctrl + Shift + 8

I tried using the browser Extension “User-Agent Switcher for Chrome” to change the browser agent string but it did not seem to matter. (Though I may have got it wrong.)

Also, apologies if this is posted to the wrong area. Please advise if so.