set theory – Wiki for consequences of axiom of choice?

I raised the following question as part of another MO question, but I am following the suggestion of Nate Eldredge to make it a question in its own right.

For many years, there has a been a valuable web resource, hosted by Purdue, on the
Consequences of the Axiom of Choice. Unfortunately, the page is no longer functioning, as you will quickly discover if you try submitting a form number. The URLs have changed. I suspect that Purdue redesigned its website at some point, changing the URLs, and that since Herman Rubin died a couple of years ago, there is now nobody responsible for maintaining the Axiom of Choice page. I tried emailing a couple of random people in the Purdue mathematics department to find out if something could be done to revive the page, but have received no response.

I am wondering if there is a way to revive this resource, ideally in a way that will prevent it from suffering a similar extinction risk a few years down the line. Perhaps some people can turn the page into a wiki, much in the way the OEIS evolved from a person project of Neil Sloane’s into a wiki? Also, maybe someone reading this knows more than I do about the situation at Purdue and can comment on what would be involved in making the data publicly available again.