Share only selected sheet with a scripted button/image to be executed by user

I have the MAIN big sheet and 2 other sheets (REVIEW and REVIEW_UI). MAIN is the central of my data where i don’t want other user to have access. The schema is like this:


I only want to give access of my ‘REVIEW_UI’ sheet. This sheet will serve as (UI) user-interface so user can input data. The UI looks like this :

enter image description here

In this REVIEW_UI, all other cells are protected ( user can view but can’t change) except there are 2 special cells i want to open to the user (B4 as SHOTID and E4 as REVIEW) , so they can write to it. Also there’s a SUBMIT button/image where a function script has been assigned to. So i want user to be able to click this image/button to run the script. Basically user will select SHOTID then write REVIEW then SUMBIT it.

The script will execute a task where it will send the data (that user has entered in the REVIEW_UI sheet) into REVIEW. So user need have access to REVIEW sheet as well (Not a direct access to view the sheet , but so the input from REVIEW_UI can get write access into the REVIEW ).

So summary :

  • MAIN : no public access, no share at all.
  • REVIEW : write access exclusively via button in REVIEW_UI.
  • REVIEW_UI : write access only to that 2 cells and can execute function by clicking SUBMIT button.

How can i manage those sharing setup and how to share with button/image still clickable, while i don’t want to share to user as editor ?