Shared host with domains on separate machines

I am sorry that I start so many threads a day … the advice I found recently in the forum and via PM was extremely useful and (since I'm not a professional developer), I really have no other place I can turn to.

I currently have a network of about 16 WP sites that has been infected and contaminated by malware. I am in quarantine – inject again with my host and need a permanent solution.

Someone recommends reseller hosting, but it seems inconvenient to have a separate cpanel for each domain I run (I manage 4 on behalf of the family, but even that would not be an advantage as they are not very tech savvy manage it anyway).

If I want to start each site from scratch, ideally I would like to have each domain on a separate machine to avoid the risk of cross-contamination in the future. But I do not want to have to jump between different Cpanels to do the daily operations.

Is there a form of hosting that is relatively easy to use and affordable, and that prevents each domain from being on a file system?

Alternatively, any other mechanism that prevents cross-contamination may work. I thought there should be some built-in shared hosting to prevent this, but in my case it obviously failed.