Sharepoint 2010 List – How Can I get the “Path” Column to be Visible in Views on the Site?

“why can’t I see it in the list itself and add it to a view?” That has always been a great question!

You can create a custom code Event Receiver that gets the folder name and copies it to a text column.

I don’t have access today to a SP2010 farm to test this, but I think you can also get the folder name from a SharePoint Designer workflow. It also would copy the folder name to a text column.

You should also be able to customize the view from SharePoint Designer and add the column to the view’s web part. If not a displayed option, it can be added by editing the XLST code.

Steps using SharePoint Designer 2010 to add “Path” as a column.

  1. Create a view with the “Show all items without folders” options selected. (Not required to show the Path, but I think that’s what you want.)
  2. Open SharePoint Designer 2010 and the Site.
  3. Click Lists and Libraries and click the library.
  4. On the right, click the View’s name
  5. At the bottom of SPD make sure “Design” and not “Code” is selected.
  6. Click in the web part.
  7. In the ribbon click “Options” and then “Add/Remove Columns”.
  8. Add the “Path” column.
  9. At the top left of SPD click the save button (disk).
  10. Test in your browser.

You could also add a Calculated Column to remove the site and library parts of the Path.