SharePoint 2016 Publishing Site with anonymous access asking for Credentials

I have a SharePoint publishing site with anonymous access with domain eg Whenever I request the following URL it is asking me for credentials.

The above URL points to the pages which are Documents and Libraries. I don’t want the site to ask for credentials for the above URL. The following will be my home page.

So I don’t want my SharePoint site to ask for credentials if the URL is pointing to Documents and Libraries. In this scenario I want the URL to be pointing to the home page.

I have done some R&D on my part but haven’t got any solution. Some suggested using SharePoint:SpSecurityTrimmedControl for hiding the elements for the anonymous users, but I don’t think it is useful for what I want to achieve. Here is the link that suggested SharePoint:SpSecurityTrimmedControl

Below is the screenshot of what I don’t want to show to the anonymous users.

enter image description here