sharepoint button flow only runs for Owner

I have a button flow I’ve added to a SharePoint list. The button flow is triggered by a “manual trigger” action. It is a parent flow that calls a child flow via an http request. This button is saved to a list template which is deployed among several subsites in a project management solution. It looks as follows:


Everything works perfectly for me, the Owner, but when users attempt to run this flow it fails to initiate. Meaning, it doesn’t even run in Power Automate at all so I can’t debug since there is no record of it in the Run log.

The column that has been formatted as a button includes the following JSON:

 "$schema": "",
 "elmType": "button",
 "txtContent": "Submit Artifact",
 "customRowAction": {
   "action": "executeFlow",
   "actionParams": "{"id":"2d2fb5d9-6905-40a3-92c4-8cc271a71bf4", "headerText":"Success, submited!","runFlowButtonText":"Processing"}"
  "style": {
   "background-color": "#c8e0d9",
   "color": "#4c4c4c",
   "cursor": "pointer",
   "font-size" : "1em",
   "border-radius" : "10px",
   "min-width" : "100px",
   "text-align" : "center",
   "height" : "2px",
   "padding" : "3px",
   "margin" : "2px"


I have tried everything I can think of to include:

  • ensuring my test users are added to the SP site the list is located with ‘Contribute’ permissions. [They can add items to the list so I know this to be true].
  • Providing ‘Run-Only’ permissions to the user accounts directly in the Flow settings.

Is there anything I am missing? As an aside, there are no connections added to this flow.