sharepoint enterprise – SP2016 Copy specific records from big list to anther list with PowerShell

I was able to copy all records from a big list to another list but not able to copy specific records form source list to the destination list using PowerShell as below, Any Help Please.

$web = Get-SPWeb $WebURL

$SourceList = $web.Lists($SourceListName)

$TargetList = $web.Lists($TargetListName)

$SourceColumns = $sourceList.Fields

#$SourceItems = $SourceList.GetItems();

$souceItems= $SourceList.items | where {$(“created”) -gt ‘1/1/2015’ -and $(“created”) -lt ‘1/1/2020’};


Foreach($SourceItem in $SourceItems)

$TargetItem = $TargetList.AddItem()

Foreach($column in $SourceColumns) 

    if($column.ReadOnlyField -eq $False -and $column.InternalName -ne "Attachments")

         $TargetItem($($column.InternalName)) = $sourceItem($($column.InternalName));