sharepoint enterprise – User can’t access site

I have SP2016 and i grant access to a user to a site but the user can’t access the site get “Sorry you don’t have access”. all other users can access except this one. I did search for the user in central admin-Manage User Profiles it shows DomainuserId-DELETED.
the Distinguished name “CN=userid, name,OU=AzureSync,OU=Vendors,OU=**** People,OU=****,DC=ad,DC=*****,DC=com
I did remove the user access from the site and add the user again but still the same. also tested another couple users who can access the site even in central admin-Manage User Profiles it shows DomainuserId-DELETED for both (not sure why it shows this).
I can reach user profile (My site) but if i try to edit profile i get error “Sorry, something went wrong”

Not sure why user can’t access and why it shows some users DELETED
Any help please.