sharepoint online – Automatically capture data and time when list item status changes

Good day all.
I’m using a SharePoint list to manage tasks in my company. I have a choice column in my list that specifies the current status of my task. The process that my tasks need to follow are as follows:

Planned > In Progress > Review > Improve > Finalized > Sent

I would like to calculate the time duration between each status to determine where the bottlenecks lie in these tasks, for example, the time duration between “Review” to “Improve” will give me an indication of how long employees spend on the review of the report.

I created a Power Automate Automated Cloud Flow that follows the procedure specified by Matiur-Rahman in the following question: Capture static date & time when list item “status” column changed to “6-Completed”.

I am however experiences issues as the list that is returned is currently being returned in the following format:
Returned Status Tracking List

I am not experienced in coding and would thus like your help regarding this output. Your responses will be much appreciated.