sharepoint online – Displays templates and managed properties with zero

In SharePoint Online, try to display a site collection list column in another site collection by using search and display templates
List: /sites/UAT/Lists/SearchTestList/AllItems.aspx
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1.Map the browsed properties with managed properties in both site collections
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same assignment in / sites / UAT and / sites / Classic

2.Created a basic search center in / Sites / Classic and I can get the results via query rules

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=> In the Item_Default display template I have these properties as & # 39; RefinableString148 & # 39; added: "RefinableString148", "RefinableString149": "RefinableString149", "RefinableString150": "RefinableString150"

=> In display templates, I display the following

  • _#= ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString148 =#_
  • _#= ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString149 =#_
  • _#= ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString150 =#_
  • _#= ctx.CurrentItem.Title =#_
  • _#= ctx.CurrentItem.LastModifiedTime =#_

However, the output only displays titles and LastModifiedTime of elements
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However, Refiners display the same properties
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Am I missing something or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.