sharepoint online – Documents are not moving from Drop-Off library to Record center

I have configured the rule to move the document set content to the record center in the content organizer. But when we add the .zip file to (Packaged) – the zip file stays back in the drop-off library, it does not go to the record library – when we upload the file in drop-off library we get the below message:

Moved to Drop Off Library
The document was submitted successfully. Its location will change pending action from a site administrator. For now, you can continue to access the document here:

I have checked in google, many links saying that it might happen when we don’t feel the mandatory require column values which causes the data validation error, but I ensure that I have updated all column values, still, it does not move to the record library.

However, when we try uploading a document in the “Document” content type (a separate rule is configured for this) – it works fine, immediately it moves to the record library.

Any ideas why it does not work here?


We have also another site there also has a similar setup with the (Packaged) content type in the dropoff library – there it works.

Any help will be much appreciated on this.