sharepoint online – Highlighted Content Webpart Thumbnail Picture – Classic SC as source

I’m struggling with a new Highlighted Content web part in a modern page and would love to hear back on your experience.

The scenario we have is a mixed online tenant with both classic and modern site collections, hubs etc. In this particular use case I want to display the content of a “News” List (custom list) on a modern page. The list is located in the classic site collection, has some custom columns to it, including Pictures.

I have used Highlighted Content web part and it does 90% of the job well. I query the content type id from classic site and retrieve the results, but the thumbnail picture stays empty.

I have tried so far the following without success:

  • adding both Hyperlink or Picture and Image Columns to the classic list
  • naming the columns the same way modern Pages Library has its Thumbnail Picture column (site column) named – “Banner Image URL”
  • querying the List in the same (modern) SC with both tests above

The HC WP just doesn’t seem to get that picture thumbnail, which is quite frustrating.

Side note: We want to stick to standard SharePoint and avoid custom developments as much as possible.

Does anyone managed to use this web part with picture displayed on the content in the lists? Both classic and modern?