sharepoint online – How do I call custom pages from Site Assets?

We produce videos (mp4) in Camtasia that contain interactive linking, quizzes, and other material specific to the video. This material is built into the video using the Camtasia ‘Smart Player’ and is made accessible by clicking the html page created during production. This html page references several other files to make the magic happen (js, css, html, mp4, png)…

We’re not having any success in getting the customized videos to render. At this point, the embedded files produced with the .mp4 have been uploaded to the Site Pages directory and called on directly (which results in an infinite loading screen) and we have placed the embedded files created into the Site Assets library, modified the .html extensions and code behind to reflect aspx, and loaded just the .aspx file into the Site Page directly; this results in a 404 error.

Has there been any testing done with this? Can anyone point me into the right direction for a proper resource? We’ve tried webparts, wiki pages, etc., etc. I am the site administrator and have given myself the full control and modified permissions to allow for custom code.

What am I missing?

After following the instructions given in this video link, we still fail.


Thanks in advance.