sharepoint online – Is it OK to rename the folder associated with a Microsoft Form that has File Upload fields?

When you add fields of type File Upload to a Microsoft Teams group owned Microsoft Form, a folder is created at:

Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms > Your Form Name

That folder is where the uploaded files are saved.

I had a Microsoft Teams group owned Microsoft Form.

I copied the form, and then renamed the copy of the form.

The folder name of the copied form, however, located at Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms, is still:

My Original Form Name 1  

So the folders in Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms are currently:

My Original Form Name
My Original Form Name 1

Can those folders be renamed or will it break connections between the form and where the files are being saved (or anything else)?

To clarify, I want to rename both of the folders so the contents of Documents > Apps > Microsoft Forms is:

My Original Form Renamed
My New Form Name