sharepoint online – Is it possible to set a property bag value via CSOM without having tenant permissions?

I’m trying to use my backend CSOM app with context of Site Collection Administrator service account to programmatically set a property bag value to store some settings for my frontend extension app.

I’ve tried doing it in 2 ways:

web.SetPropertyBagValue("name", "value");


web.AllProperties("name") = "value";

but in both cases I get the error:

{“Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or
access this resource.”}

Is there really no way a Site Collection Administrator could set a property bag in SharePoint Online? I’m asking this because I’ve had similar issue when trying to delete a site, in which case according to a few sources on the Internet this operation could also be done only by tenant administrator but I found a method:


which turned out to be successfully deleting a site without tenant permissions. So I hope maybe there is also a solution here.