Sharepoint online list Validate field base on lookup value selected

I am doing a testing on sharepoint online which I would like to do the below:

I have a list with below schema:
enter image description here

As you can see there’s one lookup field: Document type

In this document type, currently there’re 2 values: “HKID” and “Passport”

And the desired validation formula is:

If "Document type" = "HKID"
   Visit date < "2020-01-01"
Else if "Document type" = "Passport"
   Visit date >= "2020-01-01"

I’m trying to implement this validation here in the List settings > General settings > Validation settings:

enter image description here

But the lookup field isn’t there:

enter image description here

Does sharepoint support these kinds of logic?

Or I can set it in the form in PowerApps?