sharepoint online – Need To Convert DOCX File To Latest To Manipulate XML on Client Side

My JavaScript-based web app uses the html-to-docx library file which produces a Word 2007 docx blob (zip archive), which is a compatibility mode version in today’s Word browser and desktop implementations.

I want to use the Text Effects feature in Word, and I already know that this requires that the document.xml becomes a far larger markup file after using Word to save the Word 2007 docx as the latest docx version. Once I get that latest docx version with larger xml file, I can use any zip file utility (JSZip, Pizzip) to open it, deserialize the XML and search the node I want, make edits, and so on.

Web searches for library code to run in client to achieve the 2007 docx=>latest docx do not show what I want (lots of stuff for Node that might work). I’m looking for strategies that I may be missing.