sharepoint online – New PnP Team site PowerShell does not add Owners

I was trying to create new Site collection in my SharePoint online tenant with O365 group. So I have come across following commands from PnP PowerShell.

New-PnPSite allows us to create O365 group with Site Collection. So I was trying to create multiple site collection from CSV. That CSV does contain information about Owners of the site. So when I try following command after authenticating to PnPOnline single line code works as below:

New-PnPSite -Type TeamSite -Title "0ABC Test" -Alias "0abctest" -Description "some desc" -Owners "","","" -Lcid 1033

Above code will create new O365 group and also adds those user mentioned as a owner of the group. This command will also create site collection.

But when I try it by reading Owners from CSV file as below (Sample CSV):

122 Dev Test,122DevProject,,"";"";"",Private

new site never adds owner, it always shows empty.
Below is my PS Code:

foreach ($row in $table) #$table is my CSV object
    (array)$owners = $row.OWNERS.split(";")
    (string)$stringOwners = $null
    $stringOwners = '"{0}' -F ($owners -join '",')
    $stringOwners = $stringOwners.Replace('""', '"')
    $stringOwners = $stringOwners.Trim(',')

    New-PnPSite -Type TeamSite -Title $row.DisplayName -Alias $row.Alias -Description $row.DisplayName -Owners $stringOwners -Lcid 1033

So my question is how can we add multiple user for New-PnPSite reading owners from CSV file. Is this really possible? Am I missing something here?

Any help would be much appreciated.