sharepoint online – Show filtered document library from different site

Using modern sharepoint.

We maintain a library with documents with a certain ‘Document group’ tag in one site (Transport). Now we want to show a subset of these documents on another site (Sales). What I tried so far is using a web embed with a URL with the filters set. At the library page on Transport I filter for the group ‘Cooled Goods’ which creates that filter in the URL as well. When I paste this URL in another tab, I get the library with the filter. However, when I try to embed that URL I get the complete list of documents instead of the filtered list.

The format I used:

I managed to do this before, but it stopped working for whatever reason.

I also tried highlighted content, but that does not satisfy the needs. You cannot filter for document group, there is no sorting on A-Z basis, not all documents are shown, you can’t upload documents, etc.

Does anyone know how to manage this specific thing?