sharepoint online – SPFX DatePicker – Property ‘selected’ does not exist

I have added DatePicker to my SPFX web part.I wanted to get selected date from DatePicker control.
Find the following code to get date:

import {DatePicker} from 'office-ui-fabric-react';

<DatePicker  className="form-control" id="duedate" value={this.state.DueDate} onChange={(event) => this.handleDateChange(event)} selected={this.state.DueDate}/>

I get following error because selected property does not exist.

Type ‘{ className: string; id: string; placeholder: string; value:
Date; onChange: (event: FormEvent) => void; selected:
Date; }’ is not assignable to type ‘IntrinsicAttributes &
IDatePickerProps & { children?: ReactNode; }’. Property ‘selected’
does not exist on type ‘IntrinsicAttributes & IDatePickerProps & {
children?: ReactNode; }’.

Appreciate your thoughts on how to fix this issue.