sharepoint online – Triggering Flow I’m not prompted for require variables

I’m triggering a Flow from a SharePoint library following this post, basically json column formatting with a customRowAction. That part works fine and I’ve used it many different times.

I’m using the Manually trigger a flow as the trigger and have added some required user inputs. trigger with user inputs. If I manually test the flow, it brings up the dialog for user input. But if I trigger the flow by clicking on the link in my library it doesn’t request user input — so of course the flow doesn’t work because the inputs are required.

I’ve tried copying my flow and even creating a new one; changing the guid in the customRowAction each time. The flows always start and if I check the run information it shows it ran, but the required user inputs are never displayed.

I’ve also cleared my cache and tried different browsers — chrome, edge, even IE 11.

Any idea what is going on?