sharepoint online – Web parts not displaying correctly

Over night (it seems), my web parts have stopped displaying correctly they way they intended.

I have tiles on top, then beneath I have split the page into two. On the left I have text-area and then links underneath and on the right I have contact information for 4 people.

The page used to look like this: enter image description here

Here two and two people were placed next to each other and links next to each other.

As I said, over night it seems that the web parts no longer fit the page. This means that the information is layed underneath one another – both links and the contact information. Now my page looks like this:enter image description here

If I zoom out (from 80% to 90%), they fall back into place. Also if I revert back to 80% it is showing correctly. But if I close the browser and re-open it up again, its back to the wrong display.

If I move the browser from my monitor to my laptop its fixed. Also when I move it back to the monitor. But again if I close the browser, the problem reaccures.

In edit mode, it shows the correct display, but it is wrong when I re-publish the page.

Can anyone help me out, so that my page revert to looking like it used to?