sharepoint online – What does StorageQuotaAllocated in SPO mean?

I'm a little confused about this "memory quota" property in SharePoint Online.

When I ran Get-SPOTenant, I get that Storage rate: 1304576 & StorageQuotaAllocated: 104962048,

StorageQuota Property makes sense, as it is my total storage of the tenant, which is 1.24 TB. But what is that? StorageQuotaAllocated (100 TB) Numbers are?

Note: I check the quota assigned to all my sites in the tenant whose 325 TB (13 sites each with 25 TB).

If I have the Get-SPOGeoStorageQuota then the results are the same as on our tenant admin page.

GeoLocation: NAM
GeoUsedStorageMB: 99
GeoAvailableStorageMB: 1304477
GeoAllocatedStorageMB: 0
TenantStorageMB: 1304576
QuotaType: Assigned

What is the StorageQuotaAllocated means? Where do these numbers come from?