SharePoint SPFx webapp on staging site

I created a SharePoint SPFx react webpart that is now deployed on one of my SharePoint sites.

I want to continue to make updates to this webpart. I “cloned” my SharePoint site so that it can be my staging site. I’m currently using workbench to view my webpart on a local level. I want to now deploy my app onto my staging SharePoint site so that my clients can view the updated webpart and once approved I will then move to production SharePoint site.

However, when I add/deploy my app into the SharePoint App Catalog, it updates for both my production and staging SharePoint site since they both are using the same app.

How should I approach this? Should I rename the webapp every time I want to deploy to staging? For example if my app is called “contract-form” should I name the app “contract-form-test” when deploying/packaging the bundle?

Also a side question: In my app I reference links for example but on my staging site it’s ContractsTest instead of Contracts should I continue to just replace all links in the app every single time or should I make these as two separate apps? And when the client approves I do all changes again on the other one?