shopping – When exactly was the first Toys “R” Us store opened in Sweden?

(Already tried asking this in the much more fitting category “History”, but that category is horribly broken and has been for many months now; literally anything I ask there is mysteriously deleted — not closed — within minutes.)

I’ve tried:

  1. Looking at the Swedish and English websites for Toys “R” Us.
  2. Looking at the Swedish and English Wikipedia articles for Toys “R” Us.
  3. DuckDuckGoose’d it.
  4. Looking inside my own brain to try to remember it.

Nowhere is it mentioned.

To make it clear, I’m talking about the big, stand-alone Toys “R” Us building in Kungens kurva, Stockholm. As far as I can remember, it opened sometime before 1995 and it was a big deal. I believe it was called “the biggest toy store in Europe”, referring (I believe) to the physical dimensions of that particular building. And, indeed, it looks like it was copied straight from the USA blueprints and it remained a massive building for all the years it was active. I’m unsure if it’s still open; I haven’t been there for years to check it out.

I’m 99.99% sure that this was the first Toys “R” Us store in Sweden, and I’m trying to figure out the date when it was officially opened.