shortcode – I would like to add a review count of a particular website in to my blog and that it should update automatically every time it changes

Hey i would like to be able to add a review count from google reviews or trustpilot of someone else website that i am writing about them in my blog. i would like it to be accurate and therefore update every time it is changed on trustpilot so for expample if the review count is 4.8 now and then it changes to 4.9 – i would like this to reflect on my website where the 4.8 currently is.

What code would i need to use and how would i build such a thing ?

I think it should be relatively easy but i am just not sure what and how to do it.

This is what i think would need to be done – every time my blog page refreshes there needs to be a call to the review page and then it should update it

Please can someone help me – any advice is appreciated
Thank you very much