Should I create a new website & instagram for my 2 niches ?

I am focussed on the REAL ESTATE niche, because i bought a course from rainmakers at the beginning of this year, I have all the recources templates ect.

Sending cold emails, IG Dm’s a lot of work to get 30 replies from interested realtors and maybe 1-2 strategy calls.

And most of the time is going to strategy calls or sending cold outreach following up,
I also had some strategy calls with galleries because I am trying to try this niche out, but duo to lack of results and case studies, I couldn’t close yet. But I am currently workin on it.

But the art niche is where I am passionate about. But no case studies. No references_ _:

My only question is:

which niche should I position myself as an expert ? both ? my instagram is : tandigital