Should I invest in Xeon E* Gold, Silver or AMD Ryzen servers? Please help

I’m investing in the system to run the automated tool in the browser, I’m wondering the following problems, hope you can help me.
The servers I’ll be running Promox on create multiple Windows 2012 VMs.

Should I buy XEON E* series servers or Xeon Sliver, Xeon Gold, Or AMD Ryzen.. ? I am targeting server rental units like Hetzner, Workldstream.

The purpose of each Promox server is to create many VMs, so when buying a server I need to pay attention to core theard ?

The intel and AMD lines have different number of cores and theards which confuses me
Each VM I will create is 1 socket, 2 cores, 5G ram.

Should I buy low CPU lines to have more cores instead of buying a powerful server with only a few dozen cores for example?
Looking forward to just replying. So that I can optimize costs and improve performance.

Here is the %CPU image I will be running, currently I am on a Hetzner server. Please advise, With the tool % cpu and ram I am running like this, which server should I invest in to be able to create the most VMs to optimize costs.

Thank you