sideloading – Can’t Side Load a WAP Based Installation Package – AppInstaller.Exe Fails with Generic Error Codes

I have created a set-up for a desktop .Net Framework based application from Visual Studio Preview 2019 using the Windows Application Packaging Project. This creates an .appxbundle file. I can install the application onto the same PC on which it was developed using this .appbundle file. However, when I try to side load the application onto a Windows 10 laptop (10.0.19401 Build 19041), it fails silently, and I get the following two entries in the Windows Application Log:

  1. Exception Code: 0xc0000005, Faulting application path: c:Program Files…AppInstaller.exe
  2. Exception Code: 0x00041d, Faulting application path: c:Program Files..AppInstaller.exe

Any help greatly appreciated