Simple 101 ways to make money online :)

Find business ideas:

1. Spend the whole day browsing the Site For Sale forums (like the list we have here) for the myriad ways people earn money. People who want to sell their websites actually tell you how they make money! Choose one that suits you. Research it a bit and get started and start your own business.

2. Use a search engine to find ways to make money online. It seems like it's easier than finding some things – like nuclear bunkers – that finding someone who does not know how to do it is almost impossible. (But why stop at a search engine (SE)?) Most users get less than 1% of the information they are looking for, since they only use an SE like Google and do not have the slightest ideas of advanced search available features, and do not know What advantages the use of special SEs, local SEs, etc. offers

3. Bundle the two above to tell other people how to make money online. They always want to know. It does not matter if you do not know yourself, you can bill them anyway. I obviously have no idea, because I tell everything. You can now ignore everything else that I say. But do not spend money on internet disadvantages that promise you a millionaire, and here's how to spot them.

4. Be more innovative in your search. Look for franchise newsletters for small businesses. Or for jobs in your niche or your hobby. (And check point 2 above for these special SEs). You can also go through the appropriate DMOZ categories (examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12).


5. The dot-com gold rush has made many millionaires, but there is still a lot of money in domain real estate and some good fishing opportunities. A good dot com can be hard to find now. However, there are many gTLDs and ccTLDs from .info to .eu to .tv to, and all offer options that are discussed in several good forums. Put your thoughts on buy a famous word domain for a few dollars and put them on the domain sales pages.

6. Did you lose your thinking hat? Hang out at SEDO. DNForurms, Afternics and other places where domains are bought and sold. Provided you learn enough about the market to spot bargains, you could live off by buying and reselling existing domains.

7. If you're smart, run dictionary reviews against available domain names and automatically check them based on the search volume (using OST, Wordtracker, etc.) for that term and the pay-per-click rate (PPC) on the big ad networks (Example) to find out which ones are likely to be more profitable. If you can pick up the domain for a profitable term that you're looking for frequently, you can use a domain parking program. Or post some relevant content and get one or two links … and the search engines will send you traffic. If the phrase people type in matches your domain name exactly, you'll have a good head start with the SEs.

8. If you are an intelligent AND linguist, you would do so in several languages.

9. Spelling mistakes. There are still enormous possibilities in the spelling / typing market. People who try to get somewhere else end up on your website … and you sell them (or use the domain parking idea). Do not lure fate by buying something that is too close to another's brand. would not be advisable. To make your life easier, there are many tools that will find spelling mistakes for you. How easy can it be?

10. Domain Parking and Type In Traffic: People Sometimes The witch has advised about URLs. If you want a plumber, try, even though you have never used the site yourself. Search for terms that users can type in (I give detailed instructions if I have a chance), buy the domain, and populate them with ads. There are several advertising programs to monetize your parked domains. Or combine that with the previous idea to buy or similar typo domains.

11. Drop traps. People sometimes forget to renew their domains, and they run out. When you pick them up, you will receive residual traffic from websites linked to this domain or people who have bookmarked them. In some cases, the traffic can be very high. Assuming that you are fast enough to replace the copyrighted content that was there with something else, you can turn it into nothing more than a fairly profitable business.

12. A variation of the above. Sell ​​the domain to the previous owners. Note that you should be careful and familiar with the rules for this TLD before sending any ransom notes. For example, with ICANN (domains ending in .com, for example) as soon as you send an email to the previous owners indicating that you have their domain and you return it for $ 10,000 … you have lost. It can not look like a ransom note. Be sensible and read the fine print of the UDRP. No UDRP required if you are hostage on LOL, watch them kicking themselves and abusing their web advisors, who told them about the "dot info", but did not mention the importance of protecting the brand through the associated myspace directory! And it does not cost you anything!

13. Run a domain management service. Hundreds of thousands of webmasters (or more) have a large portfolio of domains. Many of them want the boring bit taken out of their domain management. They can run their DNSes or just a service to remind them when a domain is about to be renewed. Or an automated monitoring service that tells them if one of their domains / sites can not be accessed.

14. Start a directory to list the domains to be sold. That's what people like SEDO do. You will only receive money if you list domains in your directory.

15. If you operate a service that brings buyers and sellers of domains / websites in contact with each other, you may receive money for additional services (such as the provision of trust services). For ideas, look at what existing domain intermediaries offer.

16. Run a domain search service. Wondering what happens when a manufacturer is looking for a new model car? Or a new clothing assortment? You need brand and patent research, but now also domain research. Which of the literally thousands of combinations and misspellings (+ and what do they have to buy? With a few of the free domain tools discussed on this page and one or two more – such as free DNS tools – and a little time, you can offer them a service that they would pay a lot of money for.

17. Start your own country: Whoa! Yes, you are reading it correctly. If you have heard of Sealand (what is Sealand), you know that it is not so far to start your own country. Once you have your own WhackyCountry, you can apply for a .wc (yuk) TLD. Sell ​​millions of domains. Keep something for yourself. Have you always wanted a Google .___?

18. Run domain services for businesses and send them a form (even if they have never heard of you). Explain that it is free this time, but you would like to see them for a small fee. For example, there are thousands of large companies whose half-understood webmasters / developers have not redirected non-WWW pages to WWW versions of their websites (or vice versa). An entrepreneur made a few thousands of them by alerting companies to losing hundreds of customers landing on every year and finding nothing there.

I'll talk more about domain opportunities on this site if I have a chance.

Buying and selling internet shops

19. Many websites run on "autopilot". An ordinary price that these sell on forums is a net income of 12 to 24 months (stupid price, but it's true). If you do not mess up the site, you can reclaim your capital in just 12 months and then sell the site to regain your capital. Double your capital every year. 100% return. Dismiss your stockbrokers. It really is a crazy world!

20. Turning websites around does not require as much capital and expertise as many believe. Buffets Walking Service – why do dogs only enjoy themselves? You buy one that needs some TLC. Open it, then sell it for a big profit. And the nice thing is that you never have to deal with tenants!

21. How about a small market? There are DMOZ categories with grandfathered sites (sites that have been listed for many years) that are not updated. If you can retrieve some sites in the same category and suddenly merge their content, you "own" that niche. This opens up many possibilities.

Actual work

22. There are several jobs on an hourly basis, but the better paid jobs are probably contract jobs. Some examples of both: Copywriting; Proofreading web content / eBooks / newsletters etc. (elance, guru).

23. E-mail or Phone Answering Machine: Be one of the first employees of Support to fill a company's phone or e-mail response service. Filter the simple questions by alerting the user to relevant sections of his manual and passing on those that seem to be real issues. They save time for the engineers of the company and provide a valuable service for which they pay. A variant of this is chat support, where you actually sit at your PC and text-chat with users who have reached a company's website and click the Help button. Sometimes something has to be trained.

24. Good for webdesign, HTML, CSS? Create Themes and Beat Them You can sell multiple times each time to webmasters who do not have the time or patience to familiarize themselves with the subtleties and peculiarities.

25. Monitoring of Wikipedia / Forums / Blogs for Mention of a Specific Name, Brand, etc. A recent exposure has shown that finding people is sometimes easier than you think, with multiple Wikipedia entries from a US party were rigged for which several Stooges were logged on purpose. Do not your opponents want to know every time they manipulate some facts? Find someone who has "managed" some messages or needs to know when messages are "managed" and paid for. You have to be "proactive" because these jobs are not "advertised", but the fact that they are not spelled out means that others do not know them, and you have an advantage. And there are possibilities in almost every language.

26. Directories: Start one. Pay webmasters to be listed in your directory. The better your directory, the more you can demand. Niche, hand-assembled directories are a million times better than SERP waste, and both businesses and users know that.

27. Complete surveys. True, there are a lot of duds, but there are still some programs that pay for doing dull, boring tasks, like completing surveys. If you are not concerned with privacy and are willing to disclose all of your personal information (or fictitious personal information), there is usually someone willing to pay you, from YouGov to Ciao.

28. Will you be paid to read the e-mail. Why should companies pay for it? There are many reasons not least for a human eye to recognize SPAM that does not even capture the best program. Even the best anti-spam program has some false positives and some companies can not afford it.

29. Perform another filtering. There are people who pay money to filter those millions of eBay listings to find the specific objects / curiosities / stocks / books they really need.

30. Another idea for filtering: Business people who want to buy websites regularly visit forums to buy and sell websites, and search thousands of listings every week. Talk to one or two of them, offer to familiarize themselves with what they are looking for and search for them.

31. CPA = Cost per Action. Apart from completing surveys, people pay for everything. Like clicking on links (though you may want to check that you do not participate in click fraud).

32. Post in forums: How to hang around in forums and chat with other people? Owners of new forums have a problem. If there are not many conversations, people will not stop talking. So they bring the chat to flow by paying for contributions. So, come in, start chatting and get paid.

33. Do something stupid. The million dollar homepage guy became famous for selling worthless pixels on his page. But because he was on the news / spent fifteen minutes of fame, people focused on it and paid money for what they would normally have thought was pointless connections. Yes, people are stupid. Click onYouIdiot.

34. Do something more useful and less stupid. Find a need, if only I could get the right wheels … a niche and fill it. People complain in forums about how they can not find replacement parts for a particular car type? Find someone who can do it and who is the broker. People complain about limitations in a particular niche software? Find a programmer who develops a solution and starts selling.

35. Do you have expertise on a specific topic? Write regularly on this topic and give away your knowledge for free. People will bookmark your blog and visit it regularly. The money is that companies can promote their products and services to their very interested audience. There are third parties such as payperpost, blogvertise, creamaid, blogitive, reviewme, loudlaunch, etc., who are looking for advertisers.

36. You have no expertise on a specific topic? That does not stop the bloggers. Some blog about the most banal things – from what they had for breakfast to how they spent their day. And still come the advertisers. So do not blog to demonstrate your expertise. Blog to demonstrate your camera obsession and show all the stupid pictures you take every day. Or a blog about breastfeeding your kids.

37. Join the myspace train, build up a lot of "friends" and promote them with bulletin (what? !!) out of them. Send them to sites where you promote affiliate programs, and you could get five numbers each month. There are people who do much more.

38. Or use tools like myspace to promote your offline activities, such as the music you create. The Arctic Monkeys were record label / talent scout / music agent free.

39. Sell jewelry to myspace users. They love her. Especially shiny. MySpace's backgrounds, templates, animations, scripts, icons, and other MySpace resources are worth millions of dollars worth of business.

40. Writing a newsletter Creating a mailing list is a long-term plan that pays dividends but does not expect immediate results. If your newsletter is good and you advertise well, you can collect hundreds of thousands of subscribers (all of whom receive the newsletter for free). The more subscribers you have on your list, the more advertisers pay for your newsletter.

41. Find something that can not be sold, and let your imagination run wild. Be ready to think of the most outrageous thoughts and the most impossible objects that you can sell. Who would have thought that there is an active market for urine. Yeah, you wash that stuff away. No, I'm not taking that … Mikey. But start selling your outrageous item and you will find that a market already exists.

42. Build a community. While some webmasters get lower returns from websites in the forum, this is probably because they use contextual programs like Adsense. One of the largest webmaster communities (forums) can participate for free, even if it is very busy, takes up enormous bandwidth and costs its owner a bomb. However, by organizing conferences / fairs he earns a very profitable income. His "community" ensures that everyone is sold out.

43. Be a link monkey. Webmasters want people to link to them. They feel loved. And it helps them to rank higher with search engines. But they have no time to beg. They do that for them and get paid per link. If you're smart, you'll find links and charge people a lot of money to identify and approach potential link partners.

44. Based on the link idea above – Start a directory submission service. There are many directories like the ODP. Many accept free submissions, but you must do them by hand. If you are familiar with the submission process at some of the top companies, you will spend much less time submitting. Webmasters need to register, wait for an answer, jump through other hoops, and so on. You'd rather prefer someone who can do it faster and has the time.

45. Another type of link building: The mention of your client's website in forums, blog comments, etc. is deleted. Yes, the customers pay for it. There are spamming methods and other decent methods. If you can create relevant posts and posts that contribute to the discussion, and only provide the links that are useful to that thread, you're in great demand from webmasters who want to share their good content. For example, if you truly believe that this list of 101 ways to make money is the testicles of the dog – and you frequently participate in webmaster forums – you will likely encounter threads where dropping a link is your forum mate would help. Some website owners pay for it.

Continuation ……

46. ​​On press release sites, users often need to check the user-submitted publications for profanity, etc., before launching the "News". Popular blogs often require the same review service for user-submitted comments on blog articles. Niche directories that require automated delivery must prevent SPAM, allowing for manual review of each delivery. There are many such possibilities. Owners of spamming sites offering deals may not be able to continue. The key is to identify a website that looks like it could use that service and make a personal take on it.

47. Write an ebook. It's as easy as falling off the chair. Does something know about something? Whether it's cabbage, writing PERL, tearing nose hair, or being a good cop – if you're a good marketer or pay a good marketer, you can probably sell a few thousand copies of your ebook. People pay online and download, not a publisher, printer, bookstore, or other complicated details to worry about. In fact, you do not even have to do the sale. "Affiliates" do it for you (on commission). And there are ebooks that tell you how to write and sell ebooks!

48. Become an expert in a particular niche, perhaps partner programs for children's products or mailing list services .. and calculate your advice either on online webinars … or even at local business events. The good news is that this is the internet. In order to become an expert in a niche, there is often no need to spend much time (online) reading and recording. No school to attend, no fees to pay.

49. Data sorting and other secular jobs are usually paid by the hour. This is the online version of the envelope ******** except that there are really ways to get these jobs done online. It's about looking in the right places and avoiding all the scammers who try to separate you from your money by charging for fees.

50. Good in graphic design? Design and provide logos and icons for free download (and without watermark for a fee). Good icons are sold for several hundred dollars per set. And every set can be sold again and again.

51. Create a prize and some fancy logos. The more credible they look, the better. Assign them to websites you like … provided you pay a management fee every year to continue using the logo. The awarding of awards used to be a useful way to get backlinks. However, when people's egos are sufficiently caressed, they will pay to continue to boast of how well the rest of the world considers them.

Work, but not as you know it

52. Affiliate programs can be fun and very lucrative. The trick is to learn how to generate traffic, send it to your dealer, and hire expensive accountants to handle your massive tax returns. It has made more millionaires than you believe, and I have met many of them in person. I hope to be able to write a lot about how to earn money with affiliate programs in the coming months.

53. However, if optimizing ad CTRs and monitoring ROI are too much work, you should choose yourself as an affiliate customer. Credit card companies, mortgage companies, etc. pay up to $ 100 at each location filled out on their website (per valid lead). Apply for some credit cards and mortgages, BUT do them through your own affiliate links and earn a few hundred dollars a day. Log in as a spouse under the name of your spouse / husband / dad to avoid the occasional restriction that applications do not generate commission under your partner's own name.

Pure fun

54. How do I play computer games? There is money while playing. Top players are well paid for participating in tournaments, playing games and endorsing products. OK, Tiger Woods is doing more, but is he having fun as well? I mean, have you ever seen him happy? How incredibly happy … and screaming for joy? No, because his club has no buttons.

55. MMORPG or multimedia online role-playing games are virtual worlds where otherwise reasonable people lose all perspective and sense of reality. Or they pretend they're doing it. You spend money on invisibility cloaks, virtual machine guns, characters and even virtual money! It's hard to explain how it works, but Be The Seller is a thriving economy worth millions of dollars every year.

56. Adult Entertainment: How To Dress Up Crazy? Do it FrontKitten Choking Service – Send any unwanted kittens on a webcam and the adult sites will pay you. (John Prescott does not have to apply.) How dirty to chat? Are you a bald man who pretends to be an 18-year-old blonde female model? The online equivalent of premium phone lines is the area where you can make money all day long just for fun. I will not offer any links – use a search engine and find them myself.

57. Or be paid for advertising for other adult websites. This is similar to other affiliate programs, except that you can give away things on your website (usually reduced / lower quality versions of videos and images) for free. These lure visitors to click through for the higher resolution version, which requires a small subscription. So free content for you and – if you get enough visitors to click through and subscribe – a healthy commission review at the end of the month.

58. Mystery Shopping: Shopping on behalf of companies to see how people on the ground treat customers. Buy products, go on vacation, eat in restaurants and get the tabs from your employers … as long as you give them feedback on what the service looks like in the store. There are worse ways to make a living. Some skeptics say that they have fun, but do not earn much. Others disagree.

59. Spend your time participating in contests. Although the name competitions rarely requires skill, they are nothing more than glorified lotteries / sweepstakes. The hardest question you'll probably ask is, "What's 1 + 1?" Try to get search queries like "contest entry" and "a prize".

60. Or participate in competitions. Good at SEO? There seems to be many SEO competitions. Good for nothing? I tried Google in search of "good for nothing" competitions and got a lot of results. :) Sort out 99% as a junk, and you should still have some good people with you.

61. Good at poker? You can live on playing with it all day (or going bankrupt).

How to surf?

62. Become a realtor. Not really one; In places like the US, that's too much work. No, you can act for buyers without all these formalities by acting as a buyer. Customers have a clear idea of ​​what they want, but you have the time to meet Rightmove – or wherever your local offers are – to find this particular property. In the UK, "buyers" charge 1-3% of the property value.

63. Concierge Service: If you know the exact type of bra you want but can not find, would you pay someone a few bucks to find it for you? You would be surprised how many busy people would do it. Whether it's a list for a supermarket or a bathroom that's not available on-site – for some people, hunting for an hour or two is not worth the $ 10 you'd need to charge. Keep the preferences for your registered customers so that you can order "milk" without having to specify half-lean, 2 liters, cartons, etc. In addition, there is a close relationship with the local companies, and even I would sign up.

64. Be a researcher. At places like, people pay for you to seek answers to questions they can not answer themselves. How "How do I choose an SLR camera?" and "What's the title song of the television program A Bit of Fry and Laurie?" Note: Google has now closed the service. However, if you can go hunting well, you will find that there are other places where people pay for answers. And I'm not just talking about paid homework.

It smells

No, I do not endorse any of the plans in this section, but this article would not be complete without the mention of these unmentionables.

65. Has anyone violated your online rights? Maybe they do not have a legal privacy page on their website. Or have their website disabled (illegal in some parts of the world). Sue. Especially if you can win one of those who have no profit without acting for your purposes. A man named André-Tascha Lammé was constantly receiving phone calls from sellers selling things to him. He sued her in the **********, CA, Small Claims Court (easy to do). Guess what? It appears US law gives you $ 500 every time a Telesales employee makes an unwanted call to you. Lammé went away with $ 6,000. What is the law where you are

66. You did not violate your rights? Sue her anyway. Why do you think that so many people are suing Google for the most unlikely allegations: show wrong results, show results in the anti-Christian websites, have ads, are racist, are not racist? Find something unusual enough to sue them, and some stupid tabloid editor will pay you somewhere for an interview. Auch wenn dies nicht der Fall ist, werben Sie für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, erhalten Kolumne in Zoll und bringen die Menschen auf Ihre Website … Ka-Ching.

67. Fotos verkaufen: In einer Großstadt leben? Hängen Sie sich an berühmten Wasserlöchern auf, klicken Sie auf einige Fotos. Es gibt immer jemanden online, der bereit ist, für interessante zu bezahlen – es gibt Websites, die speziell für den Kauf / Verkauf von Fotos wie diesen gedacht sind. Holen Sie sich "Glück" und klicken Sie darauf, dass der UN-Generalsekretär eine Nutte einsammelt, und Sie können dieses Traumhaus auf den Bahamas schneller kaufen, als er den UN-Generalsekretär sagen kann. Finden Sie Paris Hilton in einem anderen kompromittierenden Video und …. Sie können Bill Gates kaufen.

68. Führen Sie Domain-Suchdienste für Unternehmen durch und senden Sie ihnen eine Rechnung (auch wenn sie noch nie von Ihnen gehört haben). Einige Unternehmen werden zahlen. Ein 0,01-prozentiger Erfolg von einer Million könnte einen Wert von 100.000 US-Dollar (bei bescheidenen 10 US-Dollar) bedeuten. Fahren Sie vorsichtig auf JEDER Autobahn … Sie können beispielsweise ein Programm einrichten, um Firmennamen aus einer Yellowpages-Datenbank zu extrahieren und sie durch ein Schreibfehler zu lesen Generator und Automail jedes Unternehmen eine Liste der Domänen, die Sie identifiziert haben, dass es in ihrem Interesse wäre, sich zu registrieren, da diese dem Firmennamen sehr ähnlich sind. Das ist ein Service, richtig? Die britischen Behörden haben gegen viele dieser Betreiber Einspruch erhoben … aber das sind nur die in Großbritannien ansässigen.

69. Benachteiligung der Menschen ausnutzen. Es war einmal eine Seite mit vielen schönen Bildern von einem schönen kleinen Hasen, der sehr, sehr glücklich war. Und sein Besitzer hat ihn sehr geliebt. Aber er brauchte Geld, also fragte er nach Geld auf der Baustelle und versprach, wenn er sein Ziel nicht erreichen würde, würde er den Hasen essen. Er versorgte grafische Rezepte mit Abbildungen von Häschengerichten. Spenden folgten schnell und zügig.

70. Relationship Marketing: Wer hat gesagt, dass Beziehungsmarketing vom Aufbau von Beziehungen zu ihren Kunden handelt? Es geht um Marketing für Verwandte. Über pimping Produkte für Ihre Freunde. Was auch immer die "Network-Marketing" -Möglichkeiten waren, die es jemals offline gab – von Amway bis zum Verkauf von Wasserfiltern – es gibt immer eine Menge Dinge, die Sie Ihren Freunden online "persönlich empfehlen" können. Menschen, die Junk-Mail nicht öffnen, öffnen E-Mails von Ihnen, weil sie Ihnen vertrauen! Und Sie können dafür bezahlt werden, dass Sie alle Arten von Müll unterstützen. (Bis Sie natürlich alle Ihre Freunde verlieren)

71. Werden Sie ein ehrenamtlicher Redakteur an Orten wie DMOZ und bringen Sie dann Bestechungsgelder auf die Liste. Ist das illegal? In vielen Teilen der Welt ist dies wahrscheinlich nicht der Fall, und so passiert es ein gutes Stück. Je weniger über diese Bestechung gesagt wird, desto besser.

72. Petitionen: Menschen fordern ständig ihre Chefs, ihre Politiker und den Rest der Welt. Einige dieser Petenten zahlen dafür, dass sich Menschen für ihre Sache einsetzen. Sich immer wieder anzumelden, hat sich für einige als lukrativ erwiesen, insbesondere für diejenigen, die wissen, wie sie ihre IPs weiterleiten.

73. E-Mail-Spam. Niemand mag es, es ist in einigen Spam-Ländern illegal, ISPs sind sehr wütend, Empfänger werden noch wütender, aber es gibt keine Auflistung, wie Menschen online Geld verdienen, ohne dass dies erwähnt wird. Was verkaufen Sie, wenn Sie Spam versenden? Schauen Sie sich an, welche Art von Spam Sie erhalten. Sie erhalten wahrscheinlich eine Vorstellung davon, was sich bezahlt macht. Aber das ist alles über die Hilfe, die ich Ihnen zu diesem Thema gebe.

74. (Wo auch immer es ein großes Problem gibt, gibt es eine Chance: Führen Sie einen kostenlosen E-Mail-Dienst wie Hotmail usw. aus, aber mit einem guten SPAM-Filtersystem. Hohe Startkosten, sicher, aber wenn Sie genug Leute dazu bekommen, können Sie sich lohnen einige Millionen sehr schnell. Google hat dies mit Google Mail ausprobiert und erreichte etwa 4% des Marktes, ohne den Dienst überhaupt zu bewerben; Konten wurden nur auf Einladung erteilt.)

75. Starten Sie einen HYIP und machen Sie einen Läufer. Siehe Seite 5 für weitere Details.

Großes Geld

76. Während die meisten Webmaster PPC verwenden, um sich auf Pay-Per-Click-Oldtimer zu beziehen, verwenden Sie es scherzhaft, um sich auf P * rn (wo * = o), Pills und Casinos zu beziehen. Das sind wahrscheinlich die drei größten Geldgebiete im Netz und haben wahrscheinlich mehr Millionäre gemacht als alle anderen. Sie sind jedoch sehr wettbewerbsfähig und es ist schwierig, diese Märkte zu durchdringen. Es gibt jedoch viele rechtliche, legitime Möglichkeiten, von denen ich einige zu gegebener Zeit erweitern werde.

Arbitrage / Vermittlung

77. Beispiel für eine reine Arbitrage-Gelegenheit: Der Kauf von Traffic über Google Adwords und das Senden dieses Traffics zu Seiten mit geringem Inhalt und Google Adsense-Anzeigen brachte eine Zeitlang angemessene Gewinne, wenn er scharfsinnig gemacht wurde. Sicher, Adwords und Adsense sind zwei Standorte derselben Medaille. Aber ich habe gesagt, Sie müssten scharfsinnig sein, um zu erkennen, wo die Möglichkeiten waren und Sie testen, testen und testen müssen. Es gibt immer noch viele kontextuelle Arbitrage-Möglichkeiten. Insbesondere, wenn Sie an verschiedenen Programmen arbeiten (z. B. Datenverkehr von MSN kaufen, an Yahoo verkaufen).

78. Es gibt viele Arbitrage-Möglichkeiten in der Finanzwelt, wie unten erläutert, aber wenn Wirtschaft und Finanzen die Betreiber von Sharp sprechen, dicke Häute zu Tode, gibt es Sportarbitrage. Verschiedene Online-Buchmacher bieten möglicherweise unterschiedliche Quoten für ein Sportereignis an. Indem Sie bei jedem Buchmacher die besseren Chancen nutzen, könnten Sie ungeachtet des tatsächlichen Ergebnisses der Veranstaltung einen Vorsprung erzielen. Wenn Sie wirklich klug sind, können Sie ein Programm erstellen, das dies für Sie erledigt. Warum passen die Buchmacher ihre Quoten nicht an, was ihre Konkurrenten anbieten? Weil sie ihre eigenen Bücher ins Gleichgewicht bringen müssen. Ihre Preise richten sich nach dem Einsatz ihrer eigenen Spieler.

79. Hosting: You don't need to buy a lot of server hardware to provide a web hosting service. Many big hosting companies allow "reseller" accounts where you sell hosting plans to customers and the hosting company will host them all for you under your Reseller account umbrella. You get to charge customers as much as you want. Some Resellers provide value added services and charge more for these. At places like WHT you'll find that resellers sometimes sell their customers as a "bundle" i.e., you can pay some money to buy a reseller "business".

80. Related to the above is free hosting where you provide small website owners free hosting and in exchange you serve ads to all their pages to make the revenue to pay the hosting company and yourself. Early pioneers of this model are well known names like Geocities and Angelfire.

81. Being a broker can be done in a thousand different ways. There are some entrepreneurs making healthy profits just by bidding for projects on places like elance and guru and farming them out to a bank of writers/programmers they use on a regular basis.


82. Trading from home is really catching on in many parts of the world. You don't need to be an expert on stocks & shares. You can trade on commodities, currencies, lots more. Trading futures allows you to leverage even small $100 amounts of capital into huge fortunes (or bankruptcy).

83. Gambling is a far cry from trading futures but a route to riches for many. No, not the traditional horse racing type of gambling where the only long term winner is the bookmaker. I'm talking gambling against other gamblers, I'm talking the numerous ways of gambling online (search). And there are a million books and ebooks that claim to "teach you how to win".

84. HYIP, or High Yield Investment Programs are just what Don't get cutthey say on the tin. They are also highly risky. You invests your money and you takes a chance, but some pay as much as 100% per day. How do they do it? A very few are putting your money into investments with even better rates of return. Others are simply going to keep paying out the first few customers with investments collected from later ones…. and then they go bust. Pyramid style. Maybe the ones who make the money are the ones who get in early… or actually start HYIP programs.

eBay/Amazon etc.

85. What's it with eBay? You just can't get away from them. Their bulk "dictionary purchase" of ad terms from the Google Adwords/Adsense system means you find ads for eBay no matter what you're looking for, even if it's for toenail clippings or dead pets. Whatever the reason for their success you can join the bandwagon and sell your rubbish on eBay and convert a garage of old junk to hard cash.

86. And when you've acquired a fair amount of experience with selling your own rubbish, start selling others' rubbish. How to get your hands on enough trash? Place an ad in your local paper to do house clearances, or just buy stock from wholesalers in – yes, you guessed it – eBay itself. You can get anything from unused toasters to umbilical cord containers. A lot of ebay sellers are actually shopkeepers; they buy stock new from wholesalers and sell them in eBay instead of a physical bricks and mortar shop… and make a healthy living doing so.

87. You've now got a lot of experience buying and selling in eBay. It's time to write a book or ebook on how to use ebay to generate millions. It doesn't matter that you haven't made millions yourself. People still buy these books even if it's just to learn their way about ebay which can be quite daunting for some. And you can sell it on … you guessed!

88. Don't fancy writing? Then set yourself up as an eBay assistant. eBay itself will send you people who need help with their complicated system. And you can charge them a commission.

89. Alternatively, setup a shop to accept goods from those who can't list them themselves. Yes, a physical shop. There are lots of them springing up all in big cities. The operation is simple. You take something in from somebody, sell it on ebay and retain a percentage for all your efforts.

90. Think building an ebay business is too much like building a normal business? If you've got the capital you can take the easy route. A lot of ebay "shop" (businesses) come up for sale in site-for-sale forums and with business brokers. The ebay username and feedback generally accompanies the business so you continue to benefit from accumulated goodwill (though the "transfer" is something that eBay may not approve of).

91. Opportunities to make money in eBay are limited only by your imagination. There's money in everything from making connections (putting people in touch with other people) to coming up with or commissioning software to make the average ebayer's life simpler or more productive (thousands of such programs already exist). There's even a business model involving just searching for and finding items that have been misspelt in the listings.

92. It's not just eBay. Any merchant big enough or third party affiliate manager program – from Commission Junction to Clickbank – has opportunities. For example, you can create an Amazon affiliate site.


93. Set up a proxy. People seem to want to surf at work AND access sites their IT system blocks them from viewing. A proxy allows them to get around that restriction. Some proxy services get by just on the advertising (as it's easy to get enormous page views in the proxy business). A very good one will even have people paying a few dollars each. There are several ways to monetise a proxy.

94. Enjoy networking? Social networking Web 2.0 style? If you build up sufficient reputation in places like Digg people will start approaching you to start some buzz on their company or their new product. At one point Netscape offered top "Diggers" a sweetner to move over to their competing service.

95. Selling databases of parts/directory listings/modified or value added DMOZ data/ email lists. The DMOZ directory is a massive directory put together by volunteer editors. And they give away their content for free. Kind of. You can download their database and combine it with other information – like phone number and postcode from Yellow pages- to add value / enhance those listings. You could then sell the enhanced product.

96. Find jobs for your friends. An easy way into the personal recruitment business. Know a friend who's just right for a particular job? Make the connection between friend and employer and you could get up to $5,000 for a few hours work.

97. Get paid for your unused computer cycles. Is your computer sometimes on while you aren't actually sitting at it? Then it's using electricity but not performing "work". Joining a distributed computing group like SETI lets you use that computing power to help reach some worthy/unworthy goal. However, you can also use those cycles to earn money by selling them to companies who have large computing tasks then can't do completely in-house.

98. Take the cap around: Do something nice. Provide some information that helps someone, perhaps someone grieving for a lost partner. Or info on how to volunteer to help orphans in Africa, or find an internship. Make it useful. Or just make it very funny. Then stick a donation button on there for people to support your work. You'll be surprised at how well a donation button works on the right type of site. No, it won't work on this page – or any page promising to make you a millionaire.

99. Start an article directory. Giving away free articles (with embedded links) is one way for webmasters to build incoming links to their sites. For other webmasters these free articles are a great way to fill out their otherwise bare sites. Be the middleman. Popular article directories make a lot of money from the contextual ads they post on all the free articles they are displaying on their site.

100. Start a content site: The most common way webmasters earn money is probably contextual programs like YPN and Adsonar. But mainly Adsense. It's simple, quick, doesn't involve any complicated new skills. You simply put up a website with useful/informative content and some Google provided code, get a few links to the page and wait. Traffic will start flowing to it. The volume would depend on the topic and quality of content. Visitors would see ads served by Google and related to the content of the page. Each time they click on an ad you get anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. I personally know at least 20 webmasters who earn in excess of $10,000 per month this way. There are thousands of others.

The 101st method is my personal favourite because I find it hilarious:

There was this bloke who bought an email list of one million email addresses. He sent half of them a stock tip that a certain stock was going up, the other half got the same message predicting that the stock would go down. 50% of them saw him proved right. He ignored the rest and split this 50% into two groups. Half got an email with another up prediction and the other half got the same email with a down prediction. He rinsed and repeated a few times till he was left with about 15,000 people who saw him get it right several times in a row. They were obviously very impressed. He then invited them to pay $5,000 each for a seminar with him on picking stocks!


I make a healthy living online, and with multiple income Choose a road and … All The Beststreams (no I won't tell you how much. Remember, I'm not trying to sell you anything). I put this article together originally because friends and family kept harassing me to show them what I did for a living so they could do it too. I collected some of the ideas for things I had done myself, got some more from the thousands of site-for-sale threads (and detailed conversations I've had with those sellers), and threw some more obscure/zany ones in here for good measure.

May money just flow to you. If finances are tight right now, take heart – money happens, it's easier than you think. I feel very privileged to live in these interesting times, times full of opportunity, times where I've been able to give up my day job, work at my leisure, enjoy my kids growing up, retire decades earlier than I normally would, and spend time writing this drivel instead of running the usual rat race. God bless the Internet and Good Luck. You CAN do it.