Simple Grabber Youtube No Api Key & Car SITEMAP | WJunktion

Properties :
Attractive and clear design
Mobile & amp; desktop
Auto Grab Content (AGC)
Top Charts iTunes
Youtube search
Youtube video result on the search page
Last search
No Youtube API Key v3 needed (No Limit)
No need DB
DMCA page, privacy page, contact page
Block Bad Keyword
ADS: top banner, bottom banner, popup
Automatic sitemap, insert keyword with TXT
Download Format Video & amp; MP3
Fast loading

Requirement :
Apache / Nginx Server (Mod Rewrite enabled)
PHP 5.6+ (PHP curl enabled)


Upload the script to the root directory.
The script is already in use until this step.
If you want to change that
Site name, email, direct link ads, etc., please open Readme.txt