Simple hangman game from beginner

This is my first project I am attempting in Python, and my first time on Stack Exchange, so please be kind.

The game uses a text file with lots of words. I was wondering how to improve the game by having different difficultly levels. E.g. easy for 1-4 letters, medium for 5-8 letters, hard for 9+ letters in the word.
All the code in print_graphics() was pre-made, so I have to figure out a way to incorporate it into the code I was writing.

I was also thinking it might look neater if it didn’t keep printing new iterations of the hangman after each body part is added, but I’m not sure how I could do that without massively changing the text.

I couldn’t figure out how to attach the input file so I’ve linked it instead.

import random
from IPython.display import clear_output
from termcolor import colored

def print_graphics(wrong_guesses):
    # list of possible body parts
    body_parts = ('  O     |', '  |     |',' /|     |', ' /|    |', ' /      |', ' /     |')
    # how many lines to print
    lines = 4 if wrong_guesses != 0 else 5

    # check number provided is usable
    if 0 <= wrong_guesses <= 6:
        print('  +-----+')  # print top of frame
        print('  |     |')
        # print the correct body parts for current state
        if wrong_guesses > 0:
            if wrong_guesses > 1:
                lines -= 1
            if wrong_guesses > 4:
                lines -= 1

        for i in range(lines):
            print('        |')  # print the lines
        print('==========')  # print the floor

with open("wordlist.txt") as file:
  words =
  word = random.choice(words)

guessed_word = ()
guessed_letters = ()
max_guesses = 5
length_word = len(word)
alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
letter_storage = ()
body_parts = ('  O     |', '  |     |',' /|     |', ' /|    |', ' /      |', ' /     |')

def start():
  print("33(1;34m"+"Welcome to hangman! You have 6 tries to guess the correct word, enter a letter to get started", "33(0;30m")

def intro():
  for character in word:
  print("The word you are guessing has", length_word, "characters")

def play(word):
  wrong_guesses = 0
  while wrong_guesses <6:
    guess = input("Guess a letter or word: ")

    if guess in guessed_letters:
      print("33(1;31m"+"Whoops! You have already guessed this letter. Don't worry, you still have", 6-wrong_guesses, "guesses remaining" "33(0;30m")
    if guess not in alphabet:
      print("33(1;31m"+"Character invalid. Please enter a letter", "33(0;30m")
    elif guess in alphabet and guess not in guessed_letters:
      if guess in word: 
        print("33(1;3;32m"+"Well done", guess.upper(), "is correct!", "33(0;30m")
        for i in range(0, length_word):
          if word(i) == guess:
            guessed_word(i) = guess
        if not "_" in guessed_word:
          print("33(1;3;32m"+"Congratulations, you beat the Hangman!", "33(0;30m")

      elif guess not in word:
        wrong_guesses += 1
        print("33(1;31m"+guess.upper(), "is not correct. You have", 6-wrong_guesses, "guesses left", "33(0;30m")
    if wrong_guesses == 6:
      print("33(1;31m"+"Bad luck! You have been beaten by the Hangman. The word you were trying to guess was", word, "33(0;30m")

print("33(1;3;35m"+"Game over, thank you for playing :)")