Simple real-time 3D wind simulation

I am a 4th-year student in the apply math department. It’s my final year, so I am working on my bachelor’s thesis. The topic is “Real-time weather effects simulation for grassland”. The huge work was done by my tutor, so the grassland simulation itself had been already implemented. Now we decided to limit the work to adding 3d wind modal and snowfall for result presentation. The snow particle system has been implemented recently, however, I’ve coped with problems while seeking information on how to implement real-time 3d wind field simulation.

There are plenty of quite complex articles on how to simplify real turbulence simulation, but it’s too excessive for my work. On the other hand, there are quite simple 2D approaches using Perlin Noise, but I can’t find something like that for the 3-dimensional scene.

Summing up, Could someone share some typical solution for my issue, or just post a good link?

Thank’s a lot in advance and sorry for my poor English.

UPD Screenshot of the scene for whatever it may be worth
enter image description here