Simply Trimming MP4 Videos On Mac

So I have a simple task that I do a lot: trimming a video’s head and tail off. On Windows, I open the photo, click edit, drag the bars to where I would like to cut, and I save. It will save as mp4 and I can overwrite the video by selecting the original video before saving (giving the new video the same name). However, on mac, it’s not so easy.

Method 1: Quicktime — Open the MP4 video in Quicktime, trim it using an ios-like interface, and save the video as a MOV (no option to overwrite or to save as MP4). Import this MOV into Premiere Rush (which takes a long time to launch and is slow), tell premiere to export to mp4, and wait a minute. Then delete the original mp4 and the mov, and I’ve finally got the trimmed mp4.

Method 2: VLC — It’s clunky, but faster than Quicktime and better suited to my needs. One downside is that I cant tweak the start point once I start recording, I cant see ahead and if it goes too far ill have to trim it a second time, and there are pauses at the beginning and end.

Method 3: iMovie — this is my go-to method for splicing clips together and complex trimming (removing segments in the middle). However, it’s slow to export and about as slow as the Quicktime method.

I after researching, I could not find one app that trims as easily as Windows Video Player. I am asking the community if there is a simple, Quicktime-like video trimmer for mac that exports in MP4 instead of MOV. I am working with files that are usually 2-3 GB and therefore try to stay away from online services as much as possible (hence why I don’t use cloud convert for mov to mp4).