simulation – Looking for a multi-processor job scheduling strategy simulator

I hope this is the appropriate Stack Exchange site for questions like this.

Recently, a college student and I are looking for a robust software for simulating process scheduling in multi-processor environments, capable of generating statistics and supporting user-created strategies.

So far, we have been able to find several published articles whose conclusions were drawn from particular and/or at least questionable snippets of code. The software we have found so far that best present the desired characteristics are ALEA, AnimOS, and MOSS.

In the search for such piece of software, we also came across ones aimed at Multiprocessor Scheduling Simulators, which is not particularly our focus, but which are worth mentioning: SimSo, S.T.O.R.M, and YARTISS.

I would like to have suggestions from you so that we can continue with our research. We are looking for professional sized software, with revised implementations and adhering to the formal techniques described in the literature. Thanks in advance!