Skip to webform page from a webform submission view

I’m using Drupal 8 and I have a webform with lots of pages. After submitting the user can see the submission in the webform submission view, but I would like to be able to add an ‘edit’ button on each page sections in the submiton view so the user to be able to go back and edit one page of the webform but without having to click through all the pages.

I have had a look at programmatically skip pages and Jump to Wizard-Page from Preview Page and can add buttons to the webform submission view using the hook:

function theme_preprocess_webform_container_base_html(&$variables) {
//get page 
$webform_page = $variables('element')('#title');

//add button
$variables('value')('#children')('edit_wizard_page') = (
      '#type' => 'submit',
      '#value' => t('Take Action 2'),
      '#name' => 'Take Action 2',

But how do you update the $form_state->set('current_page','webform-page-to-load') from the button and trigger a redirect to the page?