Smart-234 –

Start 11/12/2018

investment plan
Get from 2.34% per day with a daily increase of 0.02%
For each Deferred Payment Date, the subscriber's return increases by 0.02% until the payment is requested.

Affiliate Program
Receive bonuses in the form of an investment for 3 levels of your referrals!
10% -5% -3%
When specifying the sponsor's wallet (0x70eF09D3C3776e5d0ae415081e093D96E234E4E3) in the DATA field, the participant also receives an investment bonus of 5%!

96% payments to investors
4% marketing

3.39 Ether
11.12.2010 10.02.16
0x7602657e9f866bdec38ce1a9d5aa59bdeb750d295d73d568 bf43b0a4646f50c3

Smart 234