Smartmine – 50 G / s Power Mining (No investment

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FREE 50 GH / s Power Mining

As you already understood, SMARTMINE is a cloud mining project. The most important way to make money here is to reduce the cryptocurrency. All you have to do is buy a contract and the mining process will start automatically.

To purchase a contract, go to the Mining section. You will find 6 contract types here. Each contract has its own price and a certain capacity (GH / s). The more contracts you buy, the higher your overall speed. If you buy more expensive contracts, you increase your income.

The speed of mining depends directly on the number of contracts purchased and the capacity used (GH / s). The more expensive the contract, the lower the cost of 1 GH / s. So, buying a more expensive contract saves you money and ultimately results in more profit. For example, it would be more profitable to buy a contract with a claimed capacity of 150 GH / s than three contracts with a capacity of 50 GH / s. As you can see, the overall rate is the same, but the price is different.

How can I earn BTC in your project ?:

It's easy, you just have to register an account and buy a mining contract (GH / s). Do not forget the bonus contract you receive after registration. The bonus contract will be automatically activated after successful registration and you can test our platform without your own investment.

Roi and Invest:

150 GH / s contract
Cost: 0.00147 BTC
Average income: 0.00216 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

300 GH / s contract
Cost: 0.0029 BTC
Average income: 0.00432 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

1 TH / s contract
Cost: 0.0088 BTC
Average income: 0.0144 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

2.5 TH / s contract
Cost: 0.021 BTC
Average income: 0.036 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

5 TH / s contract
Cost: 0.04 BTC
Average income: 0.072 BTC
Algorithm: SHA-256

Retract Limit: 0.001 BTC (100,000 satoshi)

Minimal maximum. Deposit Limit: 0.0005 BTC (50,000 satoshi)