smartphone – Apple recycling overseen by EPRA?

I bricked my iPod Touch years ago by mounting it on a ghetto blaster with an iPod port. It was probably power line noise when I cranked the volume. I cannot factory reset. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to erase my personal data in the nonvolatile memory, short of physically pulverizing the components on the motherboard. Living in a tiny highrise apartment does not make that easy.

Today, I brought it to the Apple Genius Bar. The iPod Touch it’s so old that they can’t even send it to someone to remove the nonvolatile memory. In the end, I just decided to recycle it. It still bothered me.

After some websearching, found this webpage:”The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is an industry-led not-for-profit that oversees a network of end-of-life electronics recycling facilities across Canada….is responsible for making sure Canada’s electronics recyclers meet strict provincial security, safety and environmental guidelines.”

Does anyone know whether Apple’s recycling falls under this program?


I looked at the Ontario page for the EPRA, which references new recycling regulation. There’s not much there about due diligence in preventing recovery of data. According to the above article, the security comes from the fact that phone are “put…into the approved recycling track”, presumably meaning that materials are reused rather than the components.