Solve For the expression by substitution

If $$x=a(b-c),y=b(c-a),z=c(a-b)$$Find $$(frac{x}{a})^3+(frac{y}{b})^3+(frac{z}{c})$$

$$text{1: }frac{xyz}{abc}$$
$$text{2: }frac{xyz}{3abc}$$
$$text{3: }frac{abc}{xyz}$$
$$text{4: }frac{3abc}{xyz}$$

What I tried:

Try 1.
But that leaves us with
That doesn’t match with any options given above.

Try 2


But that leaves us with:
$$(frac{acdot (b^2-2bc+c^2)}{x})^3+(frac{bcdot (c^2-2ac+a^2)}{y})^3+(frac{ccdot (a^2-2ab+b^2)}{z}$$

So is there any way where I can get the correct answer?

I am open to any advice and answers
If I have missed something obvious, please be gentle.