Solving a System of Equations Closed Forms

I am relatively new to mathematica and I do not know how to get the closed form from the system of equations. I have 7 equations with 7 unknowns:

$c_{*},omega_{*},h_{*}, P_{*}, g_{*}, Q_*, L_{Y_{*}}$

The system of equations is given by:

g_{*} & = (1-theta) alpha Q_{*}^{gamma} P_{*}^{(1-alpha)epsilon} h_{*}^{(1-alpha)}L_{Y_{*}}^{beta} – rho – mu (rho + mu) frac{1}{c_{*}} \
g_{*} &= delta (bar{L}-L_{Y_{*}}) \
g_{*} & = Q_{*}^{gamma} P_{*}^{(1-alpha)epsilon} (h_{*})^{1-alpha} – c_{*}-m P_{*}^{epsilon}h_{*} \
P_{*} &= bQ_{*}(1-Q_{*})\
(1-theta) beta (Q_{*}^{gamma} (P_{*}^{epsilon}h_{*})^{1-alpha}L_{Y_{*}}^{beta}) & = omega_{*} L_{Y_{*}}\
(1-theta)(1-alpha) epsilon (A(Q_{*}) (P_{*}^{epsilon}h_{*})^{1-alpha}L_{Y_{*}}^{beta}) & = tau_{*} P_{*} + mepsilon h_{*} P_{*}^{epsilon}\
g_{*} & = frac{delta big( 1- (1-theta)(alpha+beta) – (1-theta)(1-alpha)epsilon big)}{(1-theta)beta}L_{Y_{*}} – frac{delta m h_{*}hat{P}_{*}^{epsilon}}{omega_{*}}

where $theta, alpha,gamma,epsilon,beta,rho,mu,delta,bar{L}, b, tau_{*}, m$ are all positive real parameters.

I would like to get the closed forms that derive from this system of equations, is that doable? If so how should I do it? I wish to get the closed forms without assigning a numerical value to the parameters.

Do you recommend any book for a Mathematica beginner?