Sort out spammers | Web Hosting Talk

What procedures / guidelines do you use (other data centers) to sort out spammers?

We already stop access when we see spam evidence and do not offer a refund. But it's pretty obvious that people just come back under new names.

I have half the wisdom of asking for a deposit in advance because spammers will be separated within a few days at most. But that would deter legitimate customers.

What is free with the 12th month or free with the 6th month? Spammer accounts would never last that long.

What about discounts for a WHT account that has been open for more than a year and we would have the user link their WHT or other forum account to their account with us when they signed up to receive this discount.

It cannot be a recurring discount because the utility company does not offer this. But I can take a small hit if I don't have to turn around and destroy the box a day later.