Special Schengen visa requirement for non-EU citizens resident in Ireland?

I am a citizen of Kazakhstan, but I work and live in Ireland. I have IRP (Irish Residence Permit) with stamp 1 and my de facto partner has IRP with stamp 3.

If I apply for a Schengen visa from here, i. H. At the Greek Embassy in Ireland, will you check the validity of my IRP? In particular, can you issue a visa for a period beyond my Irish residence permit? The thing is, the IRP has to be reissued every year, and I think I'll go on vacation when one IRP expires and another starts.

The official website of the Greek Embassy in Ireland says nothing about IRP and the support only sends the link to the website. At the same time, people are saying it might be asked because the embassy must be sure that I have legal grounds after my vacation to return to Ireland.