spellcasting – Monk casting Electric Arc from Wisdom

I have this character concept, an Archer Monk, that uses the the first action for Flurry of Blows then Electric Arc from the other two, because that does not care about MAP1.
To make it work with Ki Spells, it has to be Wisdom based2. To scale in proficiency, it has to be Devine3.

So on 2nd level he takes Cleric Dedication, and then on 3rd Ancestral Paragon -> Adopted Cantrip. Unfortunately, this locks the race to Human, unless I want to wait until 5th level4.
Is there any way to make it work on level 3 with any other race?

  1. A 3rd and 4th attack with the bow are highly unlikely to hit.
  2. Or I could just take Focus Spells that do not care about my Wisdom, but I really like Ki Blast.
  3. I do not intend to take Basic, Expert and Master spellcasting
  4. Adopted Ancestry (Human) on level 3, then Adapted Cantrip on level 5